Girl Documents Her Dog’s Last Day On Earth

This was my pup, Kazak. He passed suddenly several years back and I still think about his stupid dingus face daily. It’s mostly memories like the one above, of how he’d ruin the left shoulder of any shirt I owned because he absolutely had to have his drooly face on my shoulder when we went for a drive. Or how he could chop enough wood in his sleep to make Paul Bunyan blush. Or how his farts were the inspiration for Mustard Gas.

But every now and again I stumble across something like the below story and remember the important stuff. Like his protective nature when he knew I was sick. Or how he, despite hating waking up before 11:00, would follow me into the kitchen and sit with me while I made breakfast. Or how he couldn’t fall asleep unless we were touching. You know, the important stuff. Anyhow — I know this girl’s heartbreaking story has already made the rounds but I felt a little compelled to share to remind you your furbaby’s time is finite and that you should hug them today. I know I wish I could.

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