Wednesday , 19 December 2018

Girl Finds Old Box In Grandpa’s Closet

While rummaging through their grandfather’s house, Imgur user doggetofftheqcekmty stumbled across quite the find – a small, hidden wooden box filled with newspaper clippings from monumental events dating back to 1880. If you’d like to view these in high-res

“It doesn’t completely close. It’s not a very good box.”

“High school diplomas of Grandpa, Great Grandpa, and Great Uncle. Neat, but only to my family.”

“But what’s this? Those drawers come out?!”


“Highlights in no particular order. The grandparents probably saved the later ones, but some are probably from Grandpa’s parent’s collection.”

“Moon landing – 1969”

“Moon landing, plus Kennedy news.”

“More moon landing.”

“A princess becomes a queen – 1953”

“The death of Lincoln. Technically 1865. This is either a reprint or a repring of a reprint. You can tell by the Extra 8:10 a.m. headline. Max age, 1880.”

“Psychology from 1977.”

“End of WWII – 1945”

“American bicentennial 7/4/1976”

“Death of Kennedy”

“End of WWII. Bonus – this newspaper doesn’t exist any more.”

“The legitimately oldest paper in the box – 1891.”

“End of WWI – 1918”

“Death of Roosevelt – 1919”

“Eisenhower elected – 1952.”

“Death of President McKinley – 1901. Not sure why name is spelled that way.

Hope you enjoyed this small look into the past!”


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