Girls Understand These Life Problems Way Too Well

Failure has never been so close.

“I came home from work and she’s in the backyard sanding. I asked what she was doing she said, ’I couldn’t find a desk that I liked so I’m going to just build one.’ ”

This happens every day.

“Me when someone wants to get to know me better.”

This moment of relief.

Every time you take off your false eyelashes.

It’s hard when people don’t understand you.

Women aren’t really consistent.

“As a woman, I just want the same rights as a rattlesnake.”

Who has ever made a plan like this?

When you hear some people laughing by the pool and your insecurity has you wondering if it’s about your Shrek body.

This must be some kind of conspiracy.

What happens in my head when I’m choosing a selfie to publish.

The moment when you realize that you overreacted and were too dramatic, but it’s too late. Now you should just keep going.

What can’t you understand here?

“Me thinking about how cute I would look in all the clothes I want but can’t afford.”

You have to pay for the good stuff.

Girls will go on holiday once, take a picture like this and upload it to Snapchat every week with the caption, “Take me back.”

The moment when you are in a barber chair wondering if you have always looked this bad.

Yeah, she really did say something stupid.

When you say you need to be home asap because you’re very busy.

We always forget that we need to be more specific about what we want.

I hate you, Instagram!

Is there anything more evil?

Bonus: When you asked your boyfriend to buy you a pair of leggings.

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