Grandmother, 93, And Grandson, 27 Dress-Up In Ridiculous Outfits

Friendship mostly arises among peers and outside the family. That is why this comical BFF relationship between 93-year-old Pauline „Granny“ Kana and her 27-year-old grandson Ross Smith is so special. It all started when more than 6 years ago, during his tenure in college, Ross began filming short videos on Vine. In one of the videos, he decided to feature his grandma blocking a basketball shot. The thing blew up all over the internet, and things weren’t the same ever since. The grandson saw potential in his badass grandma, so they became partners-in-crime, and started doing hilarious videos and fun photoshoots together. 892k Youtube subscribers, 2.7 million Instagram, and 9 million Facebook followers later, the viral duo are still going strong.

We present to you only a collection of their costume parodies, which is but a tiny fraction of their overall content. They also do prank videos, where they go to conventions and troll the participants. Besides that, they also film comedy sketches and mini-documentaries about grandma’s experiences, like going to a safari. Not to mention the classic material, like Granny sharing her life’s wisdom, or doing small video updates to remind us that she’s alive and kicking!

The collection consists of them dressing up for occasions that span from Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving to Valentine’s, the 4th of July, Superbowl, and beyond. They also have their own hilarious takes on popular movies like Marvel’s Avengers and Gladiator, as well as animation classics like Toy Story, Up! and Courage the Cowardly Dog. They’ve even made it so far that they’re doing commercials with them wearing those silly looking costumes.

In any case, you can see that they’re having a blast every step of the way and that their chemistry is truly genuine. Now that’s what we would call spending quality time with your family. You can always check them out on their own social media profiles on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. And now, enjoy the gallery of the odd BFF couple’s misadventures! And if this story got you in the mood of checking out what other badass things someone’s grandma did, check out this post on Bored Panda.

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