Grandparents Are Just Not Compatible With Modern Technology

When a TV remote doesn’t need all those extra buttons:

When a grandmother became a master electrician:

When even the USB flash drive gets extra energy:

When grandparents try to fix the internet connection:

When a friend’s grandma asks whose phone this is:

When a grandma knows how to fit in:

When grandparents have the cutest speed dial buttons:

When grandparents know exactly how they want to decorate the house:

“My grandma called me over to fix her computer because everything moved backward.”

When grandparents realize that texting isn’t that easy:

When Grandma knows that a magnifying glass is all you need:

When texts contain only the most important information:

When grandparents definitely have a creative side:

When an iPad becomes a perfect cutting board:

When you know Grandma will always be here for you:

When Grandma takes her first selfie. With a back camera.

It is always nice to talk to an attentive interlocutor.

When Grandma is getting pretty high tech:

When Grandfather is always ready to share his wisdom:

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