Guy Finds Unexpected Treasure While Digging Through Family Belongings

When this guy went digging through an old box he found something he never his family owned.

“My family has this cool old box… a little piece of history”

“Side view of cool old box”

“A document”

“It was our Family crest!”

“The engraved die used to make the wax seal”

“It’s the joining of 2 farms, one owner giving their farm to another in exchange for hyphening our last name.”

One doc is the order of St. Patrick. They stopped giving those in 1920 or so. Equivalent to British knighthood but once Ireland became a free state it was abolished.

“This is paperwork from my family history. We live in Canada now so anything that traces us back to Europe is cool to me!” Very cool. Maybe you have something cool in your closet, like something that says your ancestors were Irish nobility?

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