These Guys Design ‘Leather’ Material Out Of Cactus

Adrian and Marte were working in the fashion and furniture automotive industries when they realized that environmental pollution is a serious problem and got inspired to do something about it.

Friends left their jobs and decided to dedicate a few of their upcoming years to come up with something amazing that would have the potential to change the world. It took them about two whole years until they finally finished creating their marketable cactus leather in July 2019.

Why cactus, you ask? The answer is simple—this plant doesn’t need much water to grow, it’s super resilient and strong and it can handle low temperatures without dying. Besides, it’s México so there’s plenty of cacti there.

The vegan leather these guys create is called “Desserto” and it’s the world’s first environmentally friendly organic material made out of Nopal cactus.

This material is considered to be highly sustainable and without any toxic chemicals. Besides, the company offers a large variety of colors, thicknesses, and textures.

Adrian and Marte grow their cactus in a ranch which is located in the state of Zacatecas.

First of all, they find and cut mature leaves of the plant, clean it, mash it, then dry it under the sun for three days, after that they proceed to process it so the material can later become a part of their patented vegan leather formula.

ne of the best things about this vegan material is that it looks and feels exactly like real leather. It’s elastic, breathable, and highly customizable. Anything, that can be made out of classic leather can also be made out of the “Desserto” vegan leather.

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