Handy Winter Driving Tips That Will Save You A Lot Of Time

Driving in the winter is tough, but these tips are going to make your life a whole lot easier.

Covering your side mirrors with big Ziploc bags will prevent them from freezing overnight.

Filling a stocking or sock with cat litter and leaving it in your car can help prevent frost.

If your door lock is frozen, use a straw to blow warm air into it. This should melt the ice and fix your problem.

Alternatively, you can hold a lighter flame to your key and warm it up so it slides into the lock with ease.

Keep some extra big socks in your car to wear over your shoes if you need more traction when pushing your car.

If you’re parked outside and it’s going to be snowing overnight, raise your wipers so they don’t freeze to your window.

A nice way to ‘fog-proof’ your windows is to wipe them down with some shaving cream. The ingredients in the cream should leave a nice fog-proof layer on your windows.

If you ever find yourself without an ice scraper, plastic cards work great. It may be a slower and more strenuous method, but when you don’t have any other options, it’ll get the job done.

If you have to park outside overnight, try and park your car facing east. This way, when then sun rises in the morning it will help naturally defrost your windshield.

Making an emergency kit could literally save your life if you ever get caught in a storm and have no way out until it dies down. Bring an extra winter jacket, with socks, toques, gloves, anything that will help keep you extra warm if you need it. A candle, some matches, water, flashlight, and some snacks such as energy bars, are also essential items to keep in your trunk.

Spraying a mixture of 3 parts vinegar and 1 part water onto your windshield will help prevent ice from forming on it.

Using toothpaste to clean your headlights will make a huge difference when you’re driving. Not only will other people be able to see you easier, you’ll be able to see clearer too. A thin layer of wax after the toothpaste is washed off will help prevent snow and ice from forming on your lights as well.

Keeping a couple bags of cat litter in your trunk during the winter can be really beneficial. If you ever find yourself stuck in snow or on some ice, the litter will help your tires gain some traction and hopefully get you out.

Placing your floor mats under stuck tires can also help get you out of some snow.

A chalkboard eraser works wonders when it comes to wiping the fog off of your windows when it’s too cold out to roll them down.

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