Happy Meal Project

New York photographer Sally Davies photographed one McDonald’s hamburger and fries every day for 137 days. They look basically exactly the same.

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  1. And this meal people are eating!!

  2. I never tire of this, and even though I’ve seen the same sort of thing many times before, it always seems fresh. There is a woman on a campaign against this kind of crap “food” who has been on the talk show circuits carrying a 3 year old McDonald’s hamburger. Still, people eat this crap. A quick web search of McDonald’s, KFC, Taco Bell, and even Subway will yield an eye opening experience. Stay home and cook for Christ’s sake.

  3. The mold won’t even eat it…

  4. I hate fast food (perhaps that’s why I’m a cook), but didn’t anybody realize that the potatoes are moved from one still to the following, in several steps? Even the bread, although the upper half seems to have the same “lines”, seems to be moved from one picture to another.
    I think that all of this is some sort of marketing of the artist to show her self and see if she obtains a job…

  5. Este proyecto es una locura. Que un troso de carne, o pan no se descompongan durante un tiempo extenso tiene una sencilla explicacion: Al igual que cuando se desidrata el pescado, o cuando se desidrata la carne al perder el H2O dentro de un medio salino la descompocicion practicamente se detiene. Acaso ustedes no han visto como ciertas carnes secas pasan meses al aire libre y luego son consumidas. Al igual una hamburguesa es un troso de carne condimentado con sal que a una temperatura dada y humedad relativa puede alcasar el proceso de desidratacion.

    Yo creo que esto es conocido por la persona que genera este proyecto y sabe que lo que sucede con su hamburguesa no es nada misterioso. Al contrario esta usando un evento comun y muy antiguo (Desidratado de alimentos) para darse fama y popularidad.

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