Thursday , 17 January 2019

Hazy Facts about Pineapple Express

The diner scene at the end of the film wasn’t in the script when filming began and was entirely ad-libbed.

Seth Rogen originally wrote the part of Saul for himself, but James Franco was given the part after he proved far funnier during the table read.

Seth Rogen rolled every joint in the film himself.

When Red (Danny McBride) hands Dale (Seth Rogen) some guns, he says “Ted Jones messed with the wrong melon farmers.”

This is a reference to network television dubbing over swear words during broadcasts (melon farmers traditionally replaces mother f*ckers).


When James Franco breaks the bong over Danny McBride’s head, it was supposed to be a stunt, easily breakable, prop. Unfortunately, the water in the bong added ballast and ended up actually hurting McBride.

The first stoner film to ever break $100 million at the box office.

In the scene where Saul runs into the tree, James Franco actually did it, causing him to need three stitches on his forehead.

The ‘Asians’ in the film are South Koreans.

James Franco claims the best way to act stoned is to pretend you are ‘looking into the wind’.

The word fuck, in its many forms, is said 180 times in the film.

The film began shooting just two weeks after Superbad (2007) wrapped/

The film shipped to cinemas under the title ‘Easy Job’.

Olivia Thirlby was originally cast Seth Rogen’s character’s love interest, but Amber Heard replaced her after rehearsals.

The character of Saul was inspired by Brad Pitt’s perpetually stoned Floyd in 1993’s True Romance.


The high school used in the film is the same one form the film Jawbreaker (1999).

When Danny McBride’s character Red was taped to the chair, the production team just left him alone between takes. Seth Rogen had to keep him entertained.

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