He Found Two Holes Coming Into His Backyard. Then He Turned Around And… LOL!


First the owners discovered two holes dug under their fence…

A Reddit user recently woke up to find evidence of some strange visitors in their backyard: a couple of fantastic foxes that dug their way in overnight.

And the nocturnal trespassers took advantage of the slumbering homeowners to have some fun on the trampoline before the sunrise.

And then they noticed the trampoline looked a little dusty…


The culprit: lots of little fox footprints!


Proof that everyone enjoys a good bounce on a trampoline.


Need help imagining their happy foxy faces as they bounce around? Check out this video of some other adorable foxes finding how fun it is to jump up, jump up and get down:

So it looks like the answer to what the fox says is “wheeee!” as it jumps up and down on a trampoline. Glad we can finally solve that.

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