Here’s How Our Ancestors Saw The Future

“Abandoned futuristic village in Taiwan.”

“‘Enjoy Top News and Sports Events as You Dine’, Seagram’s Beyond Tomorrow ad series, 1946.”

“Robot police circa 1924.”

“Propeller powered ski troops, Popular Science Magazine, November 1939.”

“1930 Stream Line KJ Henderson motorcycle.”

“Post-war suburban home concept, Timken Silent Automatic Oil Heating advertisement, 1943.”

“Future Sky Fighter (1939).”

“The Atomic Coffee Machine.”

“Diagnosis By Radio (1925).”

“Tomorrow’s mobile home, 1934.”

“1949: Tomorrow-Cycle, the bicycle of the future.”

“Glasses with radio from a Soviet magazine, 1972.”

“Here Comes the Flying Bus (1946).”

“1950s ‘Space Station’ Morse Code Signalling Set.”

“The GM Bison 1964 concept truck for the 70’s.”

“George Bennie railplane system 1930.”

“‘Please connect me with Flight 625’, General Electric, 1942.”

“Space Man and Space Girl from Tomorrowland (1967).”

“Science and Mechanics magazine cover from 1961.”

“The Horten Ho 229 V3, an unfinished Nazi prototype all-wing jet aircraft.”

“American Airlines new coach lounge (circa 1970s).”

“Home shopping in the 1940s.”

“Fashions of 1950, as predicted on the cover of Life Magazine in 1914.”

“It never made it to the production line, although it’s quite stunning – 1951 Studebaker Manta Ray concept.”

“A woman at work in a chair at the Business Efficiency Exhibition, 1971.”

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