Here’s Your Daily Dose Of Positivity

“My dog showing my girlfriend that I’m his…”

“My grandparents have shown that you’re never too old to play with lightsabers.”

“Just another day at the office.”

“Love at first sight.”

“Crime solved!”

“My dog, Roxy, and her head being used to prop my daughter’s tablet up”

“My daughter when she said she wanted to be a transformer for Halloween”

“That feeling when you wake up from a 2-hour nap with absolutely no idea where you’re at, and then a bottle appears.”

“Today we couldn’t find our cat so we looked out the window and…”

“Today I babysat my son for the first time while his mother was out.”

“This fool has been ruining our Halloween decorations nonstop for 2 days. I give up.”

“My mom brought my daughter a Minnie Mouse from Disney. She LOVES it!”

“This was supposed to be a plant progress photo but Henk stole the show!”

“My son was having a tough day, so I put him in his favorite place.”

“Whenever I bring my dog to work, he insists on sitting in my desk chair all day.”

“Cutting cabbage and found Yoda!”

“So my daughter got a puppy today”

“We found my dog’s long lost brother!”

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