Heroic Australian Woman Saves Distressed Koala From Bushfires

Devastating bushfires have already burned more than 2.5 million acres of Australia’s east coast

The koala population have had it particularly bad

As many as 350 koalas are feared to have died from bushfires that ripped through a vital koala habitat in New South Wales

Search and rescue teams are working the area non-stop

So far, they’ve brought at least 31 koalas to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital to be treated for burns and dehydration

The hospital and a few other organizations created a GoFundMe campaign to purchase automatic drinking stations and install them in the burnt areas to help in koala and wildlife survival

However, since people have already raised over $879,000 (the goal was $25,000), the project is being expanded

Volunteer groups are also taking in koalas found burned and dehydrated after the fires

Koalas are especially vulnerable to the fires because they instinctively climb to the tops of trees, straight into the heat

Even if they survive the fires, they still have to walk across scorched earth when they come down

“This male koala who was so disorientated by the flames and unfortunately was burnt further as he headed back into active fire. He has been called Ellenborough Lewis (after her grandchild). He has been treated and is now in the five star accommodation at the Koala Hospital”, reported the doctors from Koala Hospital Port Macquarie

Twitter is in tears after seeing the woman’s heroic actions

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