Thursday , 13 December 2018

Heroic dog EARNS much needed NAP after life-altering event

Bretagne (pronounced “Britney”) is a Search And Rescue (SAR) golden retriever from Texas Task Force-1. For this beautiful dog, it has been a very long and hard week.

Below is the full image of this powerful photo.

Date: Sept. 21st, 2001
Location: World Trade Center
Ten days after 9-11

The young SAR dog was only 2 years old when her handler, Denise Corliss (pictured above) and the Texas based team of TF-1 traveled to NY.

In the aftermath of 9-11, an estimated 350 fully trained SAR dogs along with over 10,000 First Responders worked for 12 to 16 hour shifts both searching for survivors and comforting the victims.
Above is perfect example of the many First Responders.
Pictured is a handler and his “Trakr” German Shepherd…James Symington (handler) drove 15 hours down from Nova Scotia, Canada to help.

Years later, Denise and her partner would return to NY in 2012 where Bretagne was honored as being the oldest surviving dog to visit the site of Ground Zero.
Denise was not only Bretagne’s handler, when the faithful dog finally retired, she then became her owner.

Denise was with Bretagne when she lied down and took her final rest.

From Dennis Corliss talking with injured NY victim during that awful week:
“One man…started petting Bretagne and told me he didn’t even like dogs. He knelt down beside her and told me that his best friend was missing. His friend really loved dogs and would be very upset if he didn’t pet this dog.”

…that’s the story of how a Service dog earned a nap.

Bretagne and Captain Denise Corliss Memorial located at the Small Animal Clinic in College Station, Texas.

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