Hilarious Ways People Have Started Their Mornings

Woke up to this. Everything would be cool if we owned a cat.

This is what you wake up to after having a broken arm and spending a night with your friends.

When you find this waiting for you outside of your bedroom door.

When you’re peacefully sleeping and hear a racket coming from the hallway. This was the last thing you expect to see.

You hear a loud screech coming from the baby monitor and quickly wake up to this horrific looking face.

When you wake up to a hungry dog.

Woke up this. When your significant other drinks too much spike eggnog and has no idea how to plug in a phone.

When your cat insists on waking you up every morning.

When you live in Jamaica, be careful when answering the door first thing in the morning, never know who’s knocking.

How I wake every morning to a dog with an uncontrollable bladder.

If I ever woke up to a plethora of birds congregating outside my door, you better believe I’m not going outside.

When you wake up and realize you’re an unwanted guest in your own home.

When you wake up to some idiots playing nothin but Aerosmith songs. Turned out to be Aerosmith.

When you spend the night at your drunk friends house and wake up to this.

When you wake up to your dog half on the bed because he not allowed on it.

Married couples say everything changes after the wedding. This what the groom woke up to the morning after his.

Waking up to what you though was a masterpiece from the night before, when in actuality it’s a hot mess.

Thought I was still having a nightmare at first.

Woke up to a noise coming from the kitchen. The house apparently doesn’t belong to the homeowner anymore.

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