Hipsters Desecrating Food Since ’96

What’s the best way to show everyone you’re unique, rebellious, and refuse to conform to society?

Well, by being a hipster of course.

Go ahead, show your true colors by rejecting societal norms, and instead, flaunt your uniqueness by conforming to another stereotype.

Why eat bacon on a plate when you could eat it off a clothesline?

Cocktail in a tub.

Because cups look ridiculous.

Why yes, two olives under an olive tree sounds like a wholesome appetizer.

Screw marinara, I’ll have Spaghetti with Unicorn Shit Sauce.

Wait, I get to pay you so I can make my own dinner?.. That sounds lovely.

Would you like Chicken In A Cone?

Or Sushi On A Donut?

Alright, I’m done…

What the hell is happening here?

Sushi Pizza… Just.. Why?

Please… Somebody snap their finger.

Morning tea and pastries on a bookshelf…

In case you want your morning coffee in a test tube.

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