Hot To Make The Best Damn Cup Of Coffee At Home

The Chemex pour over coffee maker is one of the world’s most widely recognized pour over coffee makers.

The Chemex is preferred by coffee enthusiasts for the undeniably clean and flavorful brew it offers. . YES – it does take some practice to get used to, but its coffee making abilities are a match for even the best pour over pros. If you are looking for a quick, no-fuss coffee maker, then a drip pot like this one is the wrong choice! Though they are easy to use, they require a bit of patience and attention.

It’s also important that you use Chemex filters, and not just your ordinary ones. Chemex filters are custom made to fit the mouth of the brewer. They are also thicker than other brands to ensure a more precise filtration process

The Gooseneck Kettle has been designed specially for use for pour-over coffee preparation. While you can still prepare your pour-over using a traditional kettle, a gooseneck kettle is a must-have. When preparing pour-over, you have to slowly pour down the water in circular motion. The curved long neck of the Gooseneck kettle allows you to control the speed of which the water flows with ease.

When it comes to pour over coffee, getting the water temperature right is critical: 195 – 205 degrees

The Bialetti Moka Stovetop Espresso Maker is a trusted and long standing favorite. Moka pot lovers prefer this method because of the strength and intensity of the coffee, as well as the high degree of customization available during brewing.

The magic behind the Moka pot is in its brew method. The pot is divided into three chambers: one for water, one for grounds and one for the final product. The pot is placed on your stove, and the bottom is filled with hot water. You’ll typically find them crafted from aluminium or stainless steel because they must be placed on your range-top stove to brew – flame or no flame.

As the water begins to boil, the steam pressure pushes the water upward through the coffee grounds. The extracted coffee is then sent up through a spout and sprayed into the top of the pot. It’s not hard to see that the Moka Pot method of brewing relies on steam in a way that is similar to the mechanism in pressure cookers.

French presses are a staple in any artisan coffee shop you’ll walk into because serious coffee fanatics prefer the richer taste of a French press over plain old drip

Creation of this brew is achieved through a very precise steeping process. Coarsely ground coffee is covered with almost-boiling water and left to steep for a short, yet exact, period. Immediately before serving, the wet grounds are tamped firmly into the bottom of the carafe with a fine-mesh plunger to keep them out of the final extraction.

A vacuum coffee maker is a full immersion brew system that uses a constant heat source to create a vacuum in one chamber by forcing water up into another chamber, where the coffee grounds are steeped, and then allows the brew to drain back down into the bottom chamber.

Siphon coffee tastes clean and full of coffee flavours, partly due to the siphon coffee maker’s glass structure. The coffee gets its rich flavor from the immersion and pressure aspects of the brewing process. The end result is cleaner than say French Press coffee due to the finer, more traditional filter.

This Aeropress makes a damn fine cup of coffee in two minutes and (more importantly) cleans up in less than a minute and it’s incredibly forgiving. I’ve never made a bad cup of coffee with it and and it’s portable!

It’s a fairly cheap method to make a fantastic cup of coffee. It’s also incredibly forgiving, you don’t have to have all of your brew parameters perfectly dialed in to make a great cup. I’ve had mine for a few weeks now and am still learning but I’ve been very happy with the coffee I’m making. There was very little learning curve compared to a v60 or chemex (as far as I know, never had any experience with other brew methods).

‘The Phin’ Vietnamese Coffee Maker – The phin is a decidedly low-tech and inexpensive device – essentially, a simple stainless steel coffee press that is placed atop your mug and acts like a combination of a drip coffee filter and a coffee press.

Medium-coarse ground beans are added to the phin and weighed down with a thin top screen. Hot water is then added, a cover is placed over it to retain the steam, and a thick drop of filter coffee trickles through the grinds and into the waiting mug.

You can’t have Ca Phe Sua Da (Vietnamese Iced coffee) without sweetened condensed milk, much like how you can’t have pizza without cheese.

Breville’s Barista Express Coffee Machine is everything you need to being your own Starbucks barista at home. Burr coffee grinder, espresso maker and milk frother.

What’s the difference between cold brew and iced-coffee? Unlike pouring ice over hot coffee, cold brewing uses a simple steeping technique that helps highlight the natural chocolate, floral, and fruity notes inherent in coffee.

The reason why cold brewed coffee tastes so much better than hot coffee cooled coffee is because of the extraction process. Hot water helps to expedite the extraction process, but as it does so, it warms up the natural oils, fats, and soluble present in the coffee. This will alter the chemical composition and produce a more bitter aftertaste when cooled.

Cold brewing uses time instead of heat to extract those same fats, oils, and soluble but leaves their chemical structures relatively intact. Resulting in a coffee that is more flavorful, less acidic, and fuller bodied.

When you buy coffee already ground, you’re really buying it stale. Grinding your beans to order, on the other hand, ensures that little gets lost between the coffee and your cup.

This is my favorite sweetener to put in coffee. It is by far the best sugar substitute I have encountered and it’s natural and doesn’t make me worry as much as when I consume aspartame or sucralose

If you like lattes and milk in your coffee, Oat Milk is soooooo much better than regular milk.

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