House Listing With Absolutely No Photoshop!

The listing looks normal at first

But then things start to change

Caitie’s viral Twitter thread got over 50.4k likes, more than 3.1k retweets, and genuinely made our day better. Just when you think 2020 is the worst year ever, you find the silver lining. And that silver lining turns out to be a badly photoshopped gray couch.

The property’s described as an “amazing cottage” and an “amazing modern home” that also manages to keep its classic look. I love the sense of irony here and how ‘amazing’ seems to be the keyword here.

The house has two bedrooms and, yup, you guessed it—”an amazing amount of inside space.” There’s also a patio, a yard, a new kitchen with appliances, and a “pretty” bathroom.

The main draw, however, seems to be not the house itself but its location in Atwater Village and just how close it is to everything: the river, various parks, horse stables and riding grounds, lots of shops and restaurants, 3 freeways, the Metrolink train, neighborhood markets, and cafes.

The listing also points out that if you enjoy biking, hiking, and working out at the gym, the area is great for all of those activities. In other words, you’d be renting less of a house and more a lifestyle.

People started posting jokes and upgrading the photoshopped pics

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