How Escorts Are Used For Status, And How Some Celebs May Be Escorts Secretly Too!

Some men make use of escorts as a form of status symbol, and this phenomenon is explained in depth here. Singapore is also one of those countries where ‘face’ or ‘status’ is seen as very important, and hence booking for social escorts are popular in Singapore too. Although most people meet these call girls for companionship, otherwise known as the girlfriend experience, instead of a formal companion to formal events, there are some customers who book these ladies as a form of status or show off in cities like Singapore too.

When we are talking about celebrities or perhaps even a well-known international model, the prices for them if they were to be an escort for another person would be sky high as well. Ever seen those multi-millionaires or billionaires go to events and always being around multiple hot girls whom are all dressed up? Surprise, surprise. Not all of them are actually girlfriends of these rich and wealthy men. In fact, many of them are actually paid companions – social escorts. Actually, the most successful social escorts in the world are actually those call girls and companions whom nobody else knows is a working call girl at all. These are the ones whom are truly sought after and which prices usually reflect that. In fact, if you see a lady who appears to be an escort next to a guy, chances are, she is not really an escort, but could be a prostitute. Real escorts are undiscernible to real girlfriends – that is the allure to them. They provide the girlfriend experience. In fact, many of these high-class social escorts do it part time, and they often have a day job too!

While it can be hard to fathom that some of the popular and well-known female celebrities and models have actually been, or are escorts to someone else, that is the reality. If you are asking why would a female celebrity want to work as an escort girl to a client, here are the reasons why.
First of all, some of these celebrities just started out in their careers for not too long, and being seen publicly with a powerful figure is a great way to bring attention to themselves. Attention is king in the celebrity world, and is one of the reasons why some celebrities resort to publicity stunts to grow their careers. However, for some of these celebrities, it is far easier to bring attention to themselves by agreeing to be the escort companion to a powerful figure, and it is also far less controversial since she can simply claim she is a personal acquaintance of the client she is accompanying.

Secondly, some of these female celebrities or models are willing to work as a social escort to a powerful or wealthy figure in hopes of snagging the guy permanently and eventually for themselves – just think about Vivian in Pretty Woman, except that instead of a prostitute, the lady is a celebrity. After all, many girls around the world want to snag a rich and eligible bachelor whom they can click with – why would celebs or models be any different?

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