How Everyday Items Can Transform Cleaning into Chaos!

Ever found yourself locked in battle with a seemingly innocent household item during your cleaning routine?

“Chanel Sunglasses With White Fabric Around The Temples. Because Nobody Wears Make Up When Wearing These”

“I Was At The Airport In Kona Yesterday And Ran To The Bathroom And Saw This Monstrosity. Carpet. On The Walls. I’m The Bathroom. In A Tropical Climate. Is It Bad I Kinda Want To Take Samples And Test The Bacterial Load?”

“Italian Restaurant Has Roof Like This All Over The Restaurant, Gives Slightly Drop Spider Fears Xd”

“I Paint Apartments Part-Time… They’re Usually Kinda Yucky But I Had Never Seen This Useless Gap Behind A Stovetop Before”

“An Indoor Playground, With Wood Chips. Adjacent A Food Court”

“Aria Resort, Las Vegas. Fabric Wrapped Panels Leading To The Restrooms, And Split Faced Stone Wall In Restroom”

“Monument With Plastic Bowls That Were Fully Intended To Fill With Slimy, Green Water. In Rome”

“This Thing Was Probably Not Even Clean When They Installed It In The First Place”

“Want To Throw Up Straight Away So Gross”

“Hotel Elevator Lobby. I Actually Feel Like I’m In The Woods!? I Talked To The Cleaning Lady 0 Out Of 10”

“The Corners Of This Basket My Fiancé Had, Took It Out Of Storage And I’m Trying To Clean It Up But These Damn Corners,,,, Just Why??!”

“I Took Those Pics. I Currently Live In A House Where This Abomination Is (And It’s Short Term So It’s Not Like I Can Just Throw It Away). The Tiny Cup At The Bottom Is Removable, But The Main Structure Is Not”

“A Shower In A House I Rented On Vacation”

“That Tiny Gap Between The Faucet And The Sink In My Office’s Bathroom.”

“The Vent Under My Sink … Absolutely No Way To Take Off Unless I Remove The Trim”

“From My Buy Nothing Group. The Family Is Lovely And Very Clean, But The Potential ‘Ick’ Factor Is Huge! Especially Second Hand!”

“This Astroturf Door Entry/Walls At The New Popstroke In Town”

“These Wine Glasses I Found In A Shop In Taiwan. Imagine Having Red Wine Dry In It And Having To Get It Off”

“A Close Up Of This Tubs Texture Found In A House On The Property I Work For”


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