How Is This Even Possible?

“I ordered shoes to wear at my wedding next month and was so excited to try them on until I opened the box.”

“Ah yes, the Eiffel Tower, my favorite Italian landmark.”

“Almost drank from this bottle of wood polish disguised as a water bottle.”

“This looks like someone followed spoken instructions for how to make a stop sign without ever seeing one.”

“Defective Pikachu”

“I found where my 3 year old twins have been hiding my loose change.”

“My photo on my college ID”

“My wife tossed a pile of laundry into the dryer. Along with a brand new box of 500 dryer sheets.”

“My hammer broke when I hit a nail on some workbench trim.”

“Anel and Nasa”

“I accidentally melted my son’s toothbrush.”

“I just sharpened this pencil and got a sharp piece of wood instead of something to write with.”

“These address numbers seem a bit confusing.”

“It isn’t that hard to properly label a toilet.”

“Just got my bathroom remodeled. Thanks bros.”

“The shelf in my shower is at an angle and nothing stays put in it.”

“Florida man”

“Going through a bunch of old photos from high school, the expression of the girl in the back definitely says a lot.”

“My gift to my father (it’s a marlin)”

“The comfiest bed”

“So if I can’t enter the entrance only, how do I get into the entrance?”

“This Lovecraftian fruit”

“My daughter’s bat morph suit”

“Someone left a blueberry waffle in my car wheel.”

“A guy riding down the road holding a dresser on top of a car on a 50 MPH road”

“I wanted to take a cool picture and he said he wouldn’t let go.”

“Looks solid.”

“This counter-clockwise ticking clock”

“Absolutely deranged”

“Kitchen improvement”


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