How People Date In Australia

Australia is renowned for its sunny summers, tropical beaches, and unique wildlife species. Commonly known as the Land Down Under, Australia is home to diverse cultures. Aussies, on the other hand, are known for their tough genes, rich vocabulary, and attractive accent. Authenticity and humility are core virtues in Australian culture. If you’re considering moving to the Land Down Under and looking to meet someone, there are a few key pointers that will inform your dating life.

Let’s delve into the truths, myths, and cultural features you’ll encounter.

Big on Online Dating

Hobbies and interests can be quite thin in Australia. Dating sites come in handy for introverts. Over 80% of Australians have internet at home. Hence, dating websites are prevalent in Australia. You can find more about the sites on to identify one that best suits your needs. Whether you’re looking for a short-term fling or a serious relationship that leads to marriage, you can find your ideal partner online. You can opt for a free dating site if you are on a budget. If you’re seeking a new experience, alternative apps exist for people of all sexual orientations.

Progressive Dating Scene

The Australian dating scene is non-judgmental and all-inclusive. Discrimination of members of the LQBTQ community is quite common in Western countries. However, they are welcomed with open arms in Australia. There’s a growing trend of online dating platforms catering to all groups regardless of age, sexual orientation, religion, race, and kinks.

Dating in most Western countries is less serious and is about instant gratification. Australians believe that dating should be exclusive. Date ranges from sharing a meal to having a drink. One-night stands, and cheating still happens but is considered immoral and frowned upon more than in other civilized countries.

Don’t Shy Away from Making the First Move

If you’re just waiting for someone to approach you and ask you on a date, you’re doing it wrong. There are no strict rules for initiating a relationship in Australia. However, it is not common for Aussie men to approach women as it is in other countries. This trend is mostly because of the independent and self-confident nature of Australian women, who often approach the men. Men may show interest by smiling and throwing glances but will wait for you to make the first move. So, don’t be shy to make a move towards the one you like.

What to Expect on a First Date

Do not be surprised if your first date is a group date. Aussies are laid back, value friendship, and may tag you on a group dinner. Dressing up for dates is not a big deal. Though their style is casual, Australians do not put too much effort into looking good on a date. Splitting the bill on the date is typical for Aussies and expected unless you had agreed otherwise. They are quite sensitive to matters of politics, religion, and controversy. It helps to avoid these topics if they don’t bring them up.

Genuine but Unromantic

Aussie men are popular for their fun-loving spirit and relaxed attitude. However, they are barely romantic. Unlike most Western countries where gifting is essential in dating, Aussie men express their romance differently. This shouldn’t be taken as an indication that they don’t like you. They focus more on being a genuine, reliable partner than gifting and romantic gestures. You can also expect a casual use of swear words and a perverse sense of humor. They also tend to be quiet about their feelings, though they can honestly open up about other topics.

Going with the flow

Progressing from group dates to hanging out alone indicates something is growing. Conversely, it’s worth noting that Australia is largely secular. Hence, Aussies tolerate most controversies like premarital sex, homosexuality, and abortions as a way of life. However, sex outside a committed relationship is frowned upon.

A common notion is that a woman who sleeps with a man on the first day is a ‘Saturday Night Girl’ who isn’t kept for the long run. Don’t rush to make the first move toward physical intimacy on the first day. Instead, it’s more advisable to approach your date as a friend and let the relationship grow.

Common Myths

One common myth is that Aussie men are often uninterested in women. The truth is that they acknowledge that women can make the first move, too, and give you the freedom to do so. Another myth is that dating casually implies that they don’t like you. The truth is that they prioritize being friends with their partner first and knowing them before committing to a relationship.


Australian dating culture is laid back and aims at people knowing each other casually and forming friendships before considering a relationship. Dating sites are a sure way to find your ideal Aussie partner.

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  1. Loving what you have written, Sounds to me like it is aimed at women. And to be honest you have sort of nailed it..! But you don’t mention the Shark Feeding Frenzy approach of the women. Most are divorced or several times divorced. Looking for someone to pick up the tab for another guy’s kids going through college. Within the first hour of the date. It feels like the Inquisition. “What do you earn, what do you drive, which area do you live in, is it your house, what pension plan do you have…! For the guys out there it’s more like a job interview than romance… If you don’t tick the right boxes… There is no second date…!

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