How These Ancient Things Still Work?

A working hole punch that is 100+ years old

My father’s Talkboy from the 1990s that still works perfectly

A gift from my great-grandmother, a vintage Mickey Mouse pocket watch in great condition

A vintage piggy bank slot machine from Las Vegas

My grandfather’s Sears Roebuck belt sander from the 50s/60s — it’s still in a perfect condition.

100-year-old pencil sharpener

My 40-year-old Tonka Crane — now I’ve given it to my son.

My friend, my sewing machine from the 1950s

My grandfather gave me this Tube Radio as a gift from the 40s/50s and it still has an amazing sound.

Meat grinder from the 1920s

My 75-year-old grinder — I am never going to use another one.

100+ year-old iron in perfect condition, no electricity, no problem

Steampunk lamp in perfect condition

Vintage Icebox fridge from the 19th century

Vintage traffic light

Rare typewriter from the 1950s, used for writing sheet music

Console TV from the ’70s, my entertainment when I was a child

100-year-old waffle iron that I still use

Pocket watch from the Ottoman Empire, 140 years old and it still works.

My Kitchen Aid mixer from the 1960s is in perfect condition and I have been using it for 8 years now.

Peugeot coffee grinder, 117+ years old, and yes, it is from the carmaker.

My grandfather gave me a CB Radio from the ’70s and it still works.

A Swiss music box from the 1940s — it works beautifully.

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