How To Save Money At The Mall In 2020

The big discounts at outlet malls are so desirable! Find out how you can maximize your savings and avoid falling victim to pitfalls.

The crowd isn’t the only thing you must fight with at any shopping mall. There are the convincing sales talks here, the red 50% discount sign over there, or those new, shiny items displayed right in the middle of shops— all tempting you to take out your thick wallet or reach into your pocket and overspend.

But, when you have already convinced yourself to stop buying items you only want but don’t actually need and save more of your hard-earned money, then here is great advice on how to save money at the mall.

  1.   Map and List

Spend less time at any mall — quick in, quick out —  and your wallet will surely thank you for that!

So, before you spend yet another day roaming around aimlessly at shopping malls until you finally find what you are actually looking for and risk being hypnotized by things that you don’t really need, then try this—create a shortlist of all intended items you need before stepping out of your home.

Also, you can try making a course of the shopping stores you’ll have to visit in order to find and purchase the items on your list. Fortunately, most shopping malls offer a printable map on their social media and websites.

  1.   Eat First

Getting hungry going outside can be pricey.

And the money you used to eat at the mall can actually be enough for you to purchase that dress you’ve been eyeing.

So, what should you do?

Eat before you go!

If you become hungry again while strolling at the mall, go at fast-food chains or at the mall’s food court. Generally speaking, the food items served there are much cheaper than the standalone, famous restaurants anywhere in the mall.

  1.   Bring Cash

One of the best shopping hacks ever? Bringing a fixed amount of cash only. I repeat, cash only. This means that you need to ditch your shiny card at home. Why?

Well, just swiping your card doesn’t really feel like you actually spend money. But, when you give the cashier a pile of cash, then you might feel like you are actually spending money. This should make you feel guilty and spend your money wisely.

Furthermore, bringing a fixed amount of cash with you should force you to stick to the budget regardless of how hard you want to spend more. Otherwise, you might not be able to get home — whether you commute or rode on your gas-low car.

  1.   Ditch the Shopping Basket

Sure, carrying around pieces of clothes or items you actually need to buy can be annoying. However, it is proven that carrying a shopping basket will make you buy that one shirt or that make-up to fill up that light basket you’re holding.

In order to avoid grabbing lots of impulse purchases, avoid the shopping baskets and stick to the items you really need. As you get annoyed with the items you hold, you’ll probably just go to the cashier immediately rather than roaming around the store.

  1.   Use the Reward System and Discounts!

Points and rewards systems are there for a reason.

So, make sure to use them, earning money back from every purchase that you make. Those points will eventually rack up, availing you for some nice gift cards or discounts you can use for next time.

In addition, discount coupons save you more. Whether in-store or online, check for a list of coupons, getting only the best offered.

In addition to coupons, if you are a student, then get your discount. There are numerous stores offering student discounts ranging from 10 to 20 percent. Just provide your valid student ID and you’ll get your item at a cheaper price.

  1.   Check Your Phone

While waiting in line, distract yourself. Don’t look at those towers of cheap socks, sale jewelry, or online services offers like write my paper for me cheap that you will probably allure you into buying at the last minute.

Such areas are designed to promote impulse buying. Don’t be influenced! Take out your phone, scroll through your social media and turn a blind eye on those tantalizing offers.

  1.   Checkout  Attention

Everyone makes mistakes. Even computers.

So, make sure that you read that little screen in front of you when the cashier rings up the items. The items you have might be marked incorrectly, or its sale price will not ring up.

Focusing your attention during checkout can mean saving $5 or more.

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