How To Write An Excellent Essay On Literature

Many students study English and Literature these days. Even though the major is exciting, it is time-consuming and demanding. Before midterms, undergraduates are snowed under with projects and writing assignments. Lots of them are complicated and require thorough research. Then the question, “How can I deal with it?” arises. If you are short on time, you can buy an essay and get a professional model paper for your future research. However, if you want to complete the task yourself, you are warmly welcome to read this article to the end.

Understand The Topic

Needless to say that you can’t write the paper if you haven’t read the book. Indeed, it might be burdensome. But if you want to get a high grade, you have to read assigned literature.

If you are short on time, you can employ different techniques to accelerate your reading skills and complete the book faster. It will be hard at the very beginning. But once you gain such reading abilities, you are likely to absorb and understand articles and other literature promptly.

Pre-Writing Strategy

Every writing task requires preparation. In no way can you start writing the paper having no idea about your main points. Such pre-writing steps include:

  • Crucial Points

Your paper needs to be meaningful and follow a specific idea. Think of arguments that you can develop within the work.

  • Research

Once you know what to write, you have to carry out thorough research. Regardless of the paper type, you have to back your arguments with credible data. You may find such textual or visual evidence on web pages like Google Scholar and JSTOR. Besides, you are highly encouraged to visit the closest library.

  • Outline

An outline serves as a great plan that helps you remain organized. Nine times out of ten, you won’t have to write a compulsory outline. So you don’t have to follow a specific structure to compose it. Just make it comprehensive and condensed.

Writing An Essay On Literature

When you complete all the mentioned steps, you are ready to start working on the paper. Essays tend to be different. But as we already know, the standard structure is an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Every unit has its unique goals, making the paper informative and full-fledged in the long run. Let’s have a closer look at each of them:

  • Introduction

The first sentence is usually called an opening sentence. It aims at hooking the reader. You may write it in the form of an anecdote, statistics, quote, or similar. Since you have to craft a literature review, you are most welcome to include the quote by the author you are analyzing.

The paragraph’s last sentence is a thesis statement. It is widely agreed to be the most critical element because it demonstrates the main point the author will develop within the essay. Make it neither extensive nor general.

  • Body Part

Preceded by the introduction, the next three paragraphs (assuming it is a two-page paper) are oftentimes called body sections. Their primary purpose is to advance the thoughts stated in the thesis statement. Every section starts with a topic sentence and explains a particular point. When writing, ensure adding credible sources to every body paragraph. It will prove that your research is rigorous and reliable. And don’t forget to cite them.

  • Conclusion

To imprint the paper’s content in the reader’s mind, you have to remind them of your essay’s focal points and goals. A successful conclusion is tricky because it doesn’t accept simple reiterations. Instead, you have to write it in a slightly different way, preserving the work’s entire meaning and objective. Aside from that, the last sentence, also known as CTA (Call To Action), focuses on stimulating the audience to run a discussion.

Do’s and Don’ts When Writing An Essay On Literature

Even though the structure and format are pretty straightforward, students still commit errors when writing papers. This may occur because of a lack of time and desire to delve into academic writing. Nonetheless, here are some tips to help you compose an outstanding paper:

  • Use simple language. Trying to make your paper eloquent will make you only worse-off. Simply use Thesaurus Synonyms for replacing repetitions.
  • Add transition phrases at the end of paragraphs to make your essay smooth-running. They are however, in addition, therefore, besides, moreover, etc.
  • Omit the first-person pronouns. Formal style excludes following the first-person pronouns.
  • Edit and proofread. Editing and proofreading are great methods to increase your chances of getting the desired grade. Use Grammarly and Hemingway app to get rid of unwanted mistakes and improve your essay’s readability.

The mentioned are useful and simple hints to boost your writing and critical thinking abilities. Employ them daily, and you will see the results shortly.

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