How You Know You’re Attractive?

“Compliments from both sexes”

“People tend to raise their eyebrows when they look at someone they find attractive.”

“People stare at you”

“Other attractive people try to shag you though this can also happen if you’re wealthy and hideous.”

“Free drinks”

‘“XYZ is such an a$$hole” “Really? He’s always super nice to me!”’

“People will subconsciously touch their hair as they approach you. It’s a dead giveaway.”

“Never been turned down for a date.”

“People’s eyes light up when they meet you”

“I had a random person come up to me at the grocery store and say I’m sorry but I just had to tell you, you are very handsome. Granted they were a little older but I think that counts”

“Get creepy messages from older men”

“Sheer eye contact with no words can get you laid.”

“Free stuff. Nothing like a car or hotel room. But people will definitely let you slide with a free coffee, water bottle, pack of gum, and sometimes entrees. I can’t tell you how many free drinks I’ve gotten at Starbucks.”

“People don’t flinch or back away when you come into close contact.”

“When people come up to you or offer you their number at a bar even when you’re with other people. Your friends hear about crushes on you.”

“People are much more agreeable with you, more forgiving and less standoffish”

“Random smiles”

“When you catch them looking away quickly, and they make it a point to focus on anything but you, looking embarrassed.”

And last but not least…

“People telling you you’re attractive”

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