Huge “Harry Potter” Themed House In Florida

Die-hard Harry Potter fans rejoice, there’s a house dedicated just for you

Owned by Loma Homes, the massive 4000-square-foot vacation villa is located 30 minutes away from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando.

The house is simply gigantic. It has 8 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and can accommodate up to 20 people. The price for one night starts at $305.

The massive villa is located just 30 minutes away from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando

The guests are greeted by a sorting hat in the hall to help them choose the rooms—which come in a creative variety. From House Slytherin to bunk beds in the Gryffindor room, there’s a lot to pick from, and let’s not forget the small cupboard under the stairs which will remind you of Harry’s first bedroom.

It has 8 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms and can accommodate up to 20 people

The interior designers attempted to recreate iconic scenes from the books and movies and turn them into a fine living experience. That’s why every necessity in the house is somehow related to Harry Potter and, in addition to that, the house is filled with Easter eggs as well as Horcruxes for guests to find.

The price per night starts at $305

To recreate the feel and mood of the movies, the rooms feature special effects such as sounds and lighting, custom beds and bedding, and, of course, decor that will make you feel magical.

In case you get bored, the owners provide adequate entertainment. The theater room is ready for a Harry Potter marathon. The comfortable seats, glowing violet light, and walls painted to look like the Forbidden Forest are all included. There’s also a “Quidditch pitch” room with foosball tables. The house has a swimming pool and an oversized chessboard.

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