I Found My Real Life Easter Egg

“This Indigo has a red balloon above the Stephen King section.”

“My Jeep has a little Jeep driving up the front windscreen.”

“This amplifier actually goes to 11.”

“This exhibit in the construction part of the zoo.”

“This bike on my train has a beer opener on the bottom of its saddle.”

“The hidden booklet under the CD in Radiohead’s Kid A album. Classic egg.”

“This reference to Pac-Man on this old computer tower.”

“This Toyota with a toy Yoda on it and the plate TOYODA.”

“What looks like the ground floor living room actually opens up to be the garage.”

“This sign I found at Birmingham International train station.”

“This road has a Nokia in it.”

“Footprints at the side of this building.”

“Message under the lid of a jar of Randall’s beans.”

“A nice surprise at a restaurant – a secondary mirror specifically for us tree-folk.”

“At Marvel Stadium in Melbourne there is a little ant-man on the sign.”

“These tea containers at a cajun restaurant in Lexington.”

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