I Would Buy Again For Sure

Can’t say this enough — a properly supportive office / desk chair. Worth every penny!

Quality drill bits, they’re actually cheaper in the long run than cheap low quality ones and much better to work with.

The $160 pool I just bought for my yard. Floating my a$$ through this bulls@#t.

Overear Headphones that are sturdily built, sound pleasant and MOST IMPORTANTLY: feel comfortable to you. Once you figured out the model that has juuust the right amount of clamping force, weight and cushion fit, you can never go back.

Dash cam. They can really save your a$$. Speaking of, I need to get me a new one

20 years ago I bought a used 1991 Toyota with 60K miles for cheap…still running and just wont die.

…It is a 4-cylinder truck, I change the oil myself, I use Mobil-1 synthetic oil. It was purchased from the original owner for $4200 when it was 9 years old.

Bedding, period. Its where you sleep every night. A good night’s sleep can make all the difference in the world

A cast iron pan. They’re super versatile and you can buy a great one that will last the rest of your life for not very much money

If you’re a woman.. a well fitted, custom-made bra. Too many females out here suffering wearing bras that just don’t sit right. This is important ladies. The difference in bras are astonishing!

Birth control

LASIK. Best 4k I ever spent. No more worries about glasses, contacts, or yearly checkups to renew my subscription. I see clearly every day and never have to worry about falling asleep in my contacts.

Thermal underclothes

A good knife for the kitchen

A good backpack. My mom always got me cheap backpacks in school, and they’d always break about 3/4 of the way through the school year. Sophomore year of high school I finally convinced her to pull the trigger on a mid range Jansport daypack.

Yeah, it was literally 5 times as expensive as any other backpack she’d ever bought me. But it lasted the rest of high school. And community college. And the 2 years at regular university for my bachelor’s. And a year and a half of graduate school. And I have used it at least a few times a year since for business trips since. And it’s still perfectly useable, if getting a bit ratty and faded now.

Hiring movers. So worth it.

Someone once told me not to cheap out on the things that separate you from the ground. Shoes, bed and tires. After much consideration I think an office chair and kitchen knives and maybe listening devices such as speakers or headphones need to be included!!!

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