Iconic “Pizza Planet” Trucks In “Pixar” Movies

The Pizza Planet truck is first introduced in “Toy Story.”

It’s spotted outside a trailer in “A Bug’s Life” near a bug circus.

The toys drive off in the truck in “Toy Story 2” in a race to save Woody.

The car is seen again parked outside a trailer in “Monsters, Inc.”, and it looks awfully familiar.

The truck can be seen for a fleeting moment in “Finding Nemo” as Gil details his fantasy escape from the dentist’s office.

The Pizza Planet truck is one of the talking vehicles in “Cars.” Its name is Todd.

You may need to pause the film to catch the truck in “Ratatouille,” but it’s there.

Eve searches inside an old Pizza Planet truck in “Wall-E.”

Here’s the truck as Mr. Fredrickson takes to the skies in his house in “Up.”

Lotso hitches a ride on the back of a Pizza Planet truck in “Toy Story 3.”

The truck is a race spectator again in “Cars 2.”

The witch has a carved figure of the truck in “Brave.”

The truck appears outside a frat party in “Monsters University.”

You can spot it in a memory ball in “Inside Out.”

The truck floats through space in “The Good Dinosaur.”

You can spot the truck underwater in “Finding Dory.”

The truck appears at the derby rally in “Cars 3.”

And the truck drives by Miguel’s window in “Coco.”

It can be seen briefly in “The Incredibles 2” in an alley.

The truck appears as a tattoo on the back of a man’s leg in “Toy Story 4.”

The truck can be seen in the middle of traffic in “Onward.”

And most recently the truck is a bit faded inside the Hall of Everything in “Soul.”

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