Insane Waterslide


  1. Hey, I don’t want to try this death trap.

  2. This waterslide is the biggest of the world with 40 metters high… It’s name is insano which means insane in portuguese… It’s located in the city called Fortaleza, northeast of Brazil, on a water park called “beach park”!
    I did it and its crazy, i did it 5 times in sequece!

  3. WOW… I don’t think I have the gut to do it…

    Soendoro Soetanto

  4. I’d do this backwards!

  5. i went and i liked! very insane!

  6. That’s not sliding, that’s falling!

  7. No! Hell no!!

  8. Imagine trying to stand up you would fall out !!!!!

  9. I bet that cleans out the large intestine. Usually someone has to pay to get that much water sprayed into there.

  10. Boy I would ove to go down that water slide

  11. Awesome, However I don’t know if I would have the guts to do it, it looks dangerous!

  12. Best way to go down – sitting cross-legged (Indian style). Guarantees you’ll have no control whatsoever over which direction you’re facing as you go down.

  13. This slide is actually called “Insano”, and it is in Fortaleza, Brazil. Is is the same height as a 14 story building.

    I went down on it and it IS pretty scary. It is pratically a free fall. While falling your back actually looses contact with the slide surface for some time and you feel simply like falling.

    Never again.

  14. Curious yes but after riding one in Paphos, Cyprus (a fraction the size of this one) I didn’t return for more punishment. I can relate to the “body in mid air” sensation…Proper SCARY!

  15. lol it will take 1 hr 2 reach da top !!

  16. You got to be one of the craziest person in the world to do it 5 times. How in the hell did you stomach tolerate the drop. More power to you.

  17. thats fake, the waterslide at Atlantis in Dubai is the fastest and steepest and i’ve been on it, it’s not learly this steep, so this is fake

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