Interesting Brief History Of The Telephone And Communication

As every other year, Apple is getting ready to release its brand-spankin-new device. The iPhone 11 hits the shelves on September 20th and the new specs and features for the device have been plaguing the news all week.
Well, you won’t find any of that here.

Rather than covering every damn detail of their new device, why not take a look back at what led us up to this point?

Here is the history of the telephone as we know it, dating back to the 1800s.

As most of you probably know, it all began back in 1876 when 29-year-old Alexander G. Bell patented the first Telephone.

1887 – The first Coin-Operated Telephone was installed in the Hartford Bank by inventor William Gray.

1890 – The Candlestick Phone remained popular from the 1890s-1930s.

1915A.G. Bell and his former assistant Thomas A. Watson held
the first U.S. coast-to-coast long distance telephone call.

1930 – The Rotary Phone

1940s – The Car Phone

1963 – The Push-Button Phone

1965 – The Trimline Phone

1971 – The very first caller ID prototype, invented by Theodore G. Paraskevakos.

1980s The Portable Phone

1984 – The Mobile Phone

1988Motorola introduces The Bag Phone.

Just look at how much fun they’re having!

1989 – The Pocket Phone

1993 – The Smart Phone

Not so smart now, are ya?

1997 – The Cell Phone Computer, although limited, was the first phone with web-access.

2002 – The Mobile Blackberry Phone

2007Steve Jobs introduces the very first Touchscreen Phone at the MacWorld Conference in San Francisco.

2019 – iPhone 11
As much as I would like to have a new phone, I can’t justify dropping $1,000 on it while my 5-year old iPhone 6 is still kicking.

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