Invest Wisely: 11 Worth-It Solutions That Might Stretch Your Budget

Make your spending count with our carefully curated selection of 11 invaluable solutions that offer exceptional value for your investment.

A Nest Learning Thermostat that’ll literally learn your temperature patterns and control the thermostat in your house accordingly throughout the day and night, plus it’ll help lower energy bills, so you’re not using too much AC or heat at times when it’s not needed.

An air purifier to help keep allergens like pet hair, dander, dust, and more from contaminating the air you breathe at home.

An Instant Pot AKA your new personal chef. It can whip up a wide variety of foods like slow cooked meals, rice, steamed vegetables, and more. Just dump everything in the pot, press a button or two, and walk away.

An Alexa-compatible microwave — because it’s 2022 and the thought of having to physically get up from the couch to re-heat your food item sitting in your microwave is a daunting task when you can just ask Alexa to do it for you.

An adjustable, large standing desk for anyone who gets easily tired from sitting down ALL. DAY. LONG.

A vent cleaning system that’ll remove lint from dryers, vacuums, AC vents, and more, because you and I both know your poor appliances just won’t function the same when they’re clogged up with yuckiness.

A Keurig machine capable of making more than just coffee — this model allows coffee fanatics to enjoy things like lattes, cappuccinos, and even brew up concentrated coffee shots from their favorite K-Cups. Bye, Starbucks line!

A jewelry cleaning machine that’ll make your possessions look like they’re a worth a million bucks all over again, just like they deserve.

An automatic pet feeder you can time to feed your pet throughout the day. Sometimes you want to binge-watch your favorite Netflix series or take a nice long nap without the thought of hungry, sad eyes guilting you.

A nonstick sectioned skillet for making all the different components of your meal in one convenient place, all on the same stove burner. My apologies to all of your other pans now feeling left out and underappreciated.

A Sous Vide cooker to help you make restaurant-worthy meals with minimal effort. So minimal you don’t even have to be in the kitchen while your food is cooking. I’m not kidding.

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