It’s Not How It Was Supposed To Work!

“Shout out to the person who was responsible for making this Lay’s package with serial number 8043000162. I was blown away — it was filled up to the brim.”

“I love to pick up all sorts of garbage on the road. 6 years ago, I found a wretched pendant on the road, picked it up, and forgot about it. And recently, I decided to google it. It turned out that it’s worth $100.”

“Genuinely impressed. Even in slices, it looks just like the packaging. Delicious.”

“The way these 2 separate sheets of cellophane aligned when I dropped them”

“An apple tree branch was grafted onto an old tree, and the result is impressive.”

“The petals of this petunia resemble a galaxy.”

“This view from a hotel window is only possible in a perfect world. Or in the city of Passau in Germany.”

“I didn’t even really believe that something good could come out of my scribbles.”

“I found this silver box at a charity shop for $4.66. It turned out that it’s solid silver, and that it was made by a well-known Danish master in the late 19th — early 20th century.”

“This happened when I went to spread margarine on my toast.”

“My dad happened upon this awesome free sofa on the side of the road.”

“I decided to share a photo of my giant sunflower.”

“A sparrow accidentally got into my granny’s house, and her cat also partly cared for the bird.”

“We bought a cat house. And it seems that even a dog feels like a cat.”

“One day, I found a box on the road where the garbage is dumped. It contained envelopes with money from the 1700s —1900s from different countries, including those that no longer exist.”

“It looks like my avocado is a real jackpot.”

“This cabinet seems to have been assembled by either madmen or aliens.”

“My mom ordered a pair of sneakers off eBay. They never arrived, and we’d already forgotten about them when we received a box. Inside we found an apology note and a third shoe as compensation.”

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