I’ve Hand Cut Over 800 Paper Butterflies In Memory Of My Grandmother

After the loss of my grandmother one month ago, for no reason at all, except the fact that I liked butterflies, I started hand cutting paper printed ones

In a way, this was very therapeutic. During this process, I was free to cry, smile and remember every moment shared with her

I was then left with over 800 butterflies and had to share them with the world

Last December I have opened my studio in my hometown Larnaka, Cyprus

I had the idea to use the butterflies as part of my new Concept Window display in memory of me grandmother, my grandfather and my father

This was a way to preserve their legacy

If it wasn’t for them I could never be what I am today

Each individual butterfly is scanned, printed on fine paper, hand cut, shaped and repainted before its placed

This article shows the result of one month’s work

Thank you, dad, granddad, and yiayia for everything. This is for you

And this is how the butterflies are made

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