Jason Momoa Hits The Net With Awesome Photoshoot

This particular one showed a different side of the brutal actor, where he’s definitely not as brutal as he usually is on screen.

Actor and muscleman Jason Momoa showed a different side to him in this amazing photo shoot

During the interview with Esquire, Momoa revealed that he is a real animal fanatic and a family man. He has two dogs at home. Both of them are an interesting mix: half malamute, half wolf. What’s more, the actor has two kids. And a donkey. You read that right. A donkey.

Momoa got on the cover of Esquire holding a cat

The actor is a bad boy with a heart of gold

He describes himself as a puppy, not an old soul.

“I’m not, like, an old soul,” Momoa described himself. “I’m a young puppy.”

Petting cats and eating peaches, Momoa captured many an internet user’s heart

40-year-old Momoa is an actor who likes his superheroes. He played Aquaman in the 2016 superhero film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League (2017), as well as the titular Aquaman (2018) movie.

The actor has two dogs

Momoa is a real animal-lover

But did you know that Momoa also played Conan the Barbarian in the 2011 film by the same name? We can definitely see why — his muscles are almost as big as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s!

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