Kubrickesque Reality: Unbelievable Real-Life Scenes Resembling A Film Masterpiece

Step into a world where reality and cinema collide with our collection of Kubrickesque scenes, each a stunning reflection of the film master’s aesthetic.

“The Exam Hall At My University”

“This 1969 German Swimming Pool”

“The Reception Desk At General Motors Technical Center, 1965”

“Marienplatz Station, Munich, Germany”

“The Red Hall, Seattle Library”

“Elton John’s Walk-In Closet Dedicated To Just His Glasses”

“Hallway To Swimming Pool Area”

“Inside A Spanish Ferry. Shot On Film”

“This Theatre Restroom In Japan”

“Capsule Hotel In Japan”

“Heathrow, Some Hotel Lobby Circa 1968”

“The Inside Of A Toaster”

“Escalating To Kubrick Level”

“Could These Brazilian Buildings Be In A Kubrick Film?”

“Room 237 Reacts Only”

“If Stanley Kubrick Designed A Swimming Pool”

“Library Of The University Of Amsterdam”

“Red / Oregon Wildfires Making It Look Straight Apocalyptic”

“The Communist Party Headquarters In Paris”

“Loft Space In The Netherlands”

“Pope Francis In An Empty St. Peter’s Square”

“SC Johnson Research Tower”

“This Is Like If The Meeting Room In Dr. Strangelove LED To A Part Of The Ship From 2001”

“An Empty Boeing 787”

“Inside A Fazioli Grand Piano”

“Inside A Laundry Basket”

“Kyoto Conference Center, Kyoto, Japan (Architect: Sachio Otani, Photographer: Eugenio Vasquez)”

“Cern Control Center 1960s”

“Sideways View Of The Hyatt Atlanta Elevator”

“Reminded Me Of The Overlook”

“Detroit Medical Center, 1979”

“Empty Cinema, London”

“Bloody Waterfall In Antarctica. Red Color Comes From A High Concentration Of Iron In Water”

“Snapped This Pic Last Night And Immediately Thought Of This Sub. My Son Is Not Actually Evil, Promise”

“Stoa Of Attalos, Athens, Greece”

“Any Dc Metro Station Brings The Kubrick Vibes”

“This Is Fifa’s Boardroom!”

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