Life Hacks That May Actually Make Things Easier

No more fighting with 15 tupperware containers to get to your beer. Throw a lazy Susan on each shelf and spend more time drinking.

Get a little carried away while taking folks to flavor town and now your favorite pan is covered with burn marks? Fill the pot or pan with cold water and two to three tablespoons of salt and let it sit overnight. The next day, bring the water to a boil, pour it out, and do a final wash with soap.

If you’re in an emergency situation and you run out of candles, crayons make great alternatives. Each crayon can burn for up to 30 minutes.

This hack also works on cheeses. Just make sure it’s not flavored dental floss or things could get weird.

Walnut oil can make those minor scrapes and abrasions disappear from your wood furniture.

During these hours, not only is your physical performance peaking, but your risk of injury is at its lowest. Not to mention working out at the same time each time helps form a pattern.

Whether you woke up late or you’re traveling, this simple hack saves you a ton of time and might save your first impression.

If you’re like me, you’re horribly unorganized and can’t find anything when you need it. Well, I hope the therapy works better for you than it did for me. Until then, try this hack to at least keep your sheets organized.

If you actually still use CD’s, they’re probably ancient and scratched up. Rub the scratches with a banana peel. Clean off the excess with windex. Finish by throwing that CD away and buying the MP3 instead.

The concave shape amplifies the music from its speaker.

Im all thumbs, so this may literally save my hand.

Have some lazy friends who can’t use coasters and now your wife’s heirloom table is covered with white rings? Hit those bad boys with a hair dryer on low setting. Once the rings are gone rub some olive oil on the spot.

Who the hell can keep up with all the different battery sizes? Inevitably, you’re going to need AA’s and only have AAA’s. Hack that shit by putting a AAA in there and wadding foil up to fill in the gap on the negative end of the battery.

Turn the fan on and slap a few of those suckers on the back. Makes a perfect cheap and efficient air freshener.

Here is a simple way to make sure those eggs haven’t gone bad. No, don’t crack it open cause ew. Simply place the egg in some cold water. If it sinks, you’re good. If it floats, throw it at your neighbor Todd for being such an asshole.

Next time you give your kitchen a good deep cleaning, finish your stove by rubbing in some car wax. The next time you get a few splatters from mom’s famous spaghetti sauce, they’ll wipe right off.

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