Little Brazilian Girl Goes Viral After Landing Unbelievable Tricks On Her Skateboard While Dressed As A Fairy Princess

Ah, Brazil. The land of Samba, Capoeira and brilliant football players, those nifty Brazilians really know how to move their feet. This translates into skateboarding too, with this young girl in particular showing an incredible flair for the sport.

The next fleet-footed superstar in the making is 9-year-old Rayssa Leal, known in her home country as ‘Fadinha Do Skate’ which translates roughly as ‘The Skate Fairy.’ This is because she is not only a super talented young skater, winning numerous junior street-skating titles and even getting a shoutout from Tony Hawk, but like any other young girl she loves getting dressed up and the fairy outfit is one of her favorites.

The media-savvy youngster has built up a cult following on her Instagram and Facebook pages and is well on her way to becoming the latest skate goddess in a country that has produced some amazing professional skating girls, Eliana Sosco and Leticia Bufoni among them.

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