Mad Physicist Shoot Himself In A Swimming Pool To Prove Scientific Theory


Never play “I dare you” with Norwegian physicist Andreas Wahl.

This pudgy scientist has a HUGE set of balls.
Just to prove that it is harder to create movement in liquid (water) than in air, he puts his life on the line.

The set-up is simple. The submerged rifle has a cord linked to the trigger. Big balls Andreas has to pull the cord…thus proving his point…or dying while filming it all.

Mr. Wahl wanted to demonstrate how much closer water molecules are packed together compared to the air we move through.

Talk about, “staring down a bullet”.
To be exact, water is 800-times denser than air (at zero altitude).

The mad scientist even calculated the exact safe distance that he could stand from the firing rifle.

Watch the full sequence and notice the strange “sputtering” movement as the bullet leaves the gun.
I’ll explain what you’re seeing.

From BOOM to bullet traveling and then falling to the pool’s floor; it all takes place in the blink of an eye.

However when you slow it down, you can see the exact moment when the bullet rapidly looses momentum.

See how the bullet curving down?

Then the molecules retract back to their natural state.

“Plump”, the bullet softly hits the ground.

Afterwards, you can see the “I’m alive” look on Mr. Wahl’s face. Then he does a f*ck yeah flop and swims to find the bullet.

All in the name of science.
I mean, sh*t that dude’s got a set of balls.


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