This Man Caught His Girlfriend Cheating And Loses An Incredible Amount Of Weight

Breakups are dismal in and of themselves, but when they’re the result of someone cheating it’s somehow worse. 26-year-old Mike Vaughan recently found himself at the business of one of these breakups, but instead of succumbing to the grief, Mike channeled the pain of his heartbreak into losing weight. A lot of it.

Almost immediately, Mike joined a six-week weight loss boot camp and drastically changed his diet. By sticking to that healthy type of lifestyle, Mike was able to drop 160 pounds in just under 18 months and says that his depressed and overly-conscious self have disappeared.

“It was such a huge change,” he said. “I really struggled for the first six months but then it just became a habit.”


“I was in a bad place. I started to sink back into it, eating junk food, not going to the gym. My life could have gone in one of two ways. Go back into a depression and comfort eat and go back to square one, or use it as motivation to really improve my life. I put everything into my diet and training, and I can honestly say now I’ve never been happier. Her cheating was a blessing in disguise.”

We’re proud of ya, Mike.


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