Man Finds A 130-Year-Old Tombstone In The Woods, Cleans It And Finds An Adorable Message On It

There’s nothing nicer than taking a lovely walk in the park on a gloomy day. Walks can help to clear your mind, reduce stress and make you feel more relaxed. Even though not every one of us is crazy about nature, it is still extremely important to get outside once in a while to see all the amazing beauty forests and parks have to offer. However, don’t forget your camera on these nice strolls, because you never know what you might come across.

Sid Saunders, a retired man from East Sussex was having a walk in the park when suddenly he stumbled upon something rather weird

Sid likes to bring his camera along while he enjoys the beautiful English nature and everything it has to offer. His gallery is filled with beautiful images of trees, rivers, lakes, and various secluded areas that look simply magical. So when Sid stumbled upon something mysterious, he knew he had to take out his camera

At first glance, Sid thought it was an ordinary piece of concrete but then looked closer and noticed something written on it

It turned out to be a tombstone engraved with a message and a date. But why would anybody bury a body in the middle of nowhere?

Sid came back to the tombstone the next day to clean it and the surrounding area

He quickly realized it was quite old and instead of paying tribute to a lost human, the tombstone was for a rabbit.

After cleaning off all the moss and dirt he discovered that somebody buried their pet rabbit there 130 years ago. Since rabbit usually live up to 10 years, and this one had lived all the way up to 13, Sid says he believes the rabbit was well taken care of.

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