Man Gets Laid Off And Transforms Old House Into Something Awesome

Getting laid off can be a dark and uncertain time. But imgur user maytherman2 used what many would see as a setback and turned it into an opportunity to flip his first house.

He and a couple buddies pooled whatever funds they could scrounge up and bought a rundown old house in the Seattle area. The house was in horrendous shape, and the squatters who trashed the place weren’t doing it any favors.

He said:

“I was laid off from my tech job back in March. I worked for a friend doing some house painting in the interim while I looked for another job. We got to talking about how crazy the Seattle housing market is, and one thing lead to another. We partnered up, set up an LLC, emptied our bank accounts, I maxed my credit cards, got a loan from my parents and we bought this house at auction sight unseen (don’t buy something sight unseen, as if that isn’t already obvious). We knew we were in for it when this is what we pulled up to.”

After just two months of hard work, the crew was able to transform the beat up house into a cozy home. The results are hard to believe.

Maytherman2 said they sold the house in five days. They are currently seeking a new property to flip.

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