Man Rescues 70 People From ISIS Snipers Using Bulletproof BMW

You’ve definitely never seen a BMW like this before.

When Ako Abdul Rahman was attacked by militants who were advancing on the city , “Kirkuk” Iraq, he realized that he needed protection. So he bought an early-’90s bulletproof BMW 7 Series at an auction for $10,000.


On October 21 when ISIS carried out a series of attacks. Abdulrahman drove the bulletproof BMW right through the line of fire to save those who were injured, returning multiple times to collect more people. He ended up transporting more than 70 wounded people away from danger, he says, also carrying those who had died during the shootings.


“I told myself, this is the right time to help people, this is the right moment to do it. I am a fighter and I have a bulletproof car, shame on me if I can’t help,” he said. “I kept telling myself, my people are in danger, they need me, my city is in danger, I have to protect it.”


The city of Kirkuk later recognized the soldier’s bravery during a meeting with the governor at the governor’s office. BMW has since contacted Ako offering him a brand new car for his bullet-ridden 7 Series to be displayed in BMW’s museum but he turned down the offer. Instead, he decided to repair his own car so he could keep driving it. Rahman said: “I only did what every Iraqi should do.


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