Meet Zorro The Fox

Zorro has made my backyard his home for the last 3 winters, visiting me daily

He shows up during the day and nap for hours, sometimes on the ground, sometimes inside the playpen!

He is a very handsome fox, and I’m thankful he trusts me enough to get close to capture his good side

He visits me year round, but he shows up the most during the winter, usually curled up and trying to forget about the snow surrounding him

He reminds me of a cat more than a dog. He likes to walk along the fence surrounding my yard to get from one garden shed to the other

Every now and again he will get up and act like a goofball, showing a fun and playful side to his personality. I was catching snowflakes on my tongue with him this day

And sometimes he likes to bring over friends, which I don’t mind at all. As long as they tidy up after themselves

But for the most part, he just likes to lounge around and catch some Z’s.

His favorite thing in the world is to stretch out in the sun

What a handsome fella!


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