Tuesday , 19 February 2019

This Mom Has A Pretty Smart “Hack” For Dealing With Her S**tty Kids Drawing On Her Walls

Children love drawing, and it’s hard to get them to cut it out even if you take away their paper. Case in point: Kim and Eric Massicotte discovered that their 6-year-old, Ryan, decided to scrap the paper and go on drawing in a new format: the wall. It would be pretty ingenious if it weren’t so annoying.

However, instead of freaking out, Kate came up with another solution to the problem that didn’t involve scrubbing the wall with soap. She framed the drawing as if it were fine art.

She even included an arty-sounding title so it looks like it could belong in a modern museum. That ought to impress visitors!

Eric, who’s also a neurosurgeon by the way, posted “the piece” on Twitter and it promptly blew up. Pretty good at social media for a neurosurgeon.

People even started sharing their own experiences with “Artistic” children.

Someone even went too far and started criticizing the wall drawing as if it were fine art. Okay, that’s enough. I’m starting to think this thing might actually be studied in future art history classes.


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