Movies That Will Change Your Mind About Lesbian Relationships

What reassurances have you found most helpful after discovering you are a lesbian and feel attracted to women? Creating your very own iced coffee and worrying about your romantic future? Having weekly Drag Race viewing parties online with two friends or one hundred? Well, there is something that should be part of your queer self-care routine, and it is watching lesbian movies.

Movies about lesbian relationships can change the way you or your loved ones look at this whole phenomenon. But your choice of movies matters, as subpar lesbian dramas from the middle of the last decade and the beginning of this one will not cut it. Instead, you need to find the best of the best, and that is when you can take advantage of chat rooms on dating sites.

Dating Site Opens a Lot of Opportunities for Lesbian Singles

When you discover your sexual orientation and realize you feel attracted to other women, it is natural to feel concerned about your romantic future. That is when you can head straight to online dating sites and hope to meet your special someone.

It is hard to find lesbians in real life because you need the experience to spot them at your regular bar or club. Joining a dating platform is a much better idea because there are already girls looking for girls for all sorts of connections. You can use filters and get results for the question, “where can I find lesbians near me with different preferences?” It is even possible to find women passionate about movies and looking for someone who loves the same.

Above all, you can join chat rooms on these platforms where you can interact with like-minded lesbian girls and even learn a bit about the best lesbian resources. It also means learning more about the best lesbian movies that will change and shape your opinion about your sexual orientation.

Watch Your Favorite Movie with Someone Special

Joining a lesbian site means you can interact directly with your partner and decide the best movie to watch on your first date. Those who choose the movies for a first date say the movie serves as a topic of discussion throughout the evening.

You can learn about your date’s interests and political leanings from the movie and use it as a springboard for more conversation after the screening. After all, you can not just walk away from a shared cinematic experience without first debating its merits.

Lesbian Relationships in Movies: Top 5 Lesbian Movies for the First Date

Watching some lesbian drama and romance together is still a great way to spend time together and impress your new significant other. And here are some good options to consider:

Crush (2022)

It shows lesbian relationships can get complicated, just like it does for Paige Evans, a promising artist who joins the track team to be closer to her crush. The situation changes when she develops feelings for her crush’s identical sister.

Watch this heartwarming love story about teenagers, which captures the genuine experience of having a crush at that age.

 The Half of It (2020)

The protagonist is a quiet, straight-A student who finds himself attracted to the fiancée of a star football player. Those who are still discovering their sexuality will enjoy this film.

Better than Chocolate (1999)

The movie is about Kim and Maggie, where Kim is openly gay, but Maggie is a cute lady who has not told her family she is lesbian. This film deftly and honestly examines the experiences of many subsets of the LGBT+ community. An absolute must-see!

The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love (1995)

When Randy falls in love with someone from a completely different background, she is forced to confront her own limitations in order to follow her heart. There is no denying that this is a fairly conventional lesbian romantic flick, but that is not necessarily a negative thing when you are just trying to get cozy with your woman.

Desert Hearts (1985)

It is quite old, yet it remains one of the sexiest. Set in the 1950s and filmed in the 1980s, this adaptation of a novel by lesbian author Jane Rule still holds up well today and is a great way to explore your relationship with your lesbian mate.


Movies about lesbian relationships can help you learn more about your sexuality and discover how it truly is to be a lesbian in today’s world. But, if you have issues finding a partner or looking for some recommendations, try online lesbian dating sites for the best results.

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