Nature doesn’t always conform to the status quo. No, Sir.

Sometimes wrapping your head around nature is a tricky thing to comprehend. Below are strange happenings that somehow occurred in nature.

Take for instance this branch that did not permit the flower permission to blossom.

Indeed, birds of a feather really do flock together.

Life found a way in this discarded bottle.

This river rapids whipped up its own version of a frothy latte.

A fallen try divided this river into one part algae, one part clear.

Anybody realize that pink grass hoppers exist?

A sunflower that would not be restricted by an apartment complex or its drain pipe.

An unidentified floating cloud hovered over this apartment complex.

This rock has come along way in the middle of the Death Valley National Park,

These trees took full advantage of their fallen friend’s sacrifice.

Nature made an extra long grape because circles are so dated.

Here a book perfectly preserved a butterfly (bookmark) for over 231 years.

Mother nature has hot flashes every so often. This mailbox never stood a chance.

One blossom wasn’t enough for this flower.

Nor was one tail enough for this groovy gecko.

Here a bolt of lighting made this tree grow from the inside out.

A spider somehow managed to capture a fairly substantial icicle.

An oil leak never looked so beautiful.

This brick is doing its best version of Predator by blending in with the smooth surrounding rocks.

This rainbow Derped in such a creative way.

An entire ecosystem decided to grow at the end of a floating log. / Via

And sometimes the God of Rain wants to smite one house in particular. I’m guessing it’s Al Bundy’s home.

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