You Need To Eat At These Crazy Places Before You Die

You’re only going to live once, so you might as well try to eat at as many of these crazy themed restaurants as you can.

Dinner in the Sky (various locations) Theme: Regular dining, except you are suspended in the air. Dinner in the Sky is a Belgian based service that utilizes a crane to lift its diners 150 feet into the sky. Restaurant Menus: Varies depending on the chef. Dinners have been hosted in 17 nations.

Labassin Waterfall Restaurant (PHILIPPINES ) Theme: Dine at the bottom of a natural waterfall. You may get your feet wet eating here. Restaurant Menus: Authentic local cuisine.


Bed Restaurant (Miami) Theme: Huge mattresses with mounds of pillows lets you relax while enjoying a meal and their drinks. Cuisine: World famous foods from around the world and creative drinks like the blackberry julep, a new, fresh-fruit take on the mint julep.


Heart Attack Grill (Las Vegas, NV) Theme: Obesity and heart disease. Larger patrons eat free and those who don’t finish their meals are spanked by waitresses dressed as nurses. Restaurant Menus: Fatty burgers. And if you don’t finish, humiliation.


The Hello Kitty Dream Restaurant (Beijing, China) Theme: Sanrio’s Hello Kitty Franchise. Restaurant Menus: Food shaped like cartoon kittens.


Hospitalis (Riga, Latvia)Theme: Hospitals. Waitresses put you in a strait jacket and feed you. How sweet. Restaurant Menus: Traditional Latvian food.


Theme: Known as the first-ever transparent undersea restaurant in the world, the restaurant sitting five meters below the sea level of the Indian Ocean, surrounded by a vibrant coral reef and encased in clear acrylic offering diners 270-degrees of panoramic underwater views. Cuisine: Serves contemporary European cuisine in a six-course set dinner menu matched by a wine concept dedicated to Champagne.


Ithaa Undersea Restaurant (Maldives)


Japanese Cat CafesTheme: Pure unbridled cat happiness. For about 10 bucks an hour, you can lounge around and play with cats. Heavenly. Cat cafes are popular across Japan and each one is different. Cuisine: Tea, beer, and small snacks, depending on location.


Opaque (Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco)Theme: Darkness. Patrons are led into a pitch black dining room and served food they can’t see. Cuisine: High end prix fixe menus consisting of pasta and meat dishes. At least that’s what they tell.


Robot Restaurant (Tokyo, Japan) Theme: Neon-hued chaos, strobe lights, scantily clad performers and robots. Lots of robots. Restaurant Menus: Traditional Japanese food.


The Airplane Restaurant (Colorado Springs, CO)Theme: Aviation. The restaurant rests inside a converted Boeing KC-97. Restaurant Menus: Burgers, soup, and sandwiches—and probably better food than what you get on an actual flight.


The Disaster Cafe (Lloret de Mar, Spain) Theme: DESTRUCTION. The entire restaurant shakes with the force of a simulated earthquake. Patrons are not warned beforehand. Cuisine: FEAR.


The Lockup (Tokyo, Taiwan) Theme: Serving hard time, but with better food. Restaurant Menus: Japanese food and drinks served in vials.


The Magic Restroom Cafe (City of Industry, CA) Theme: Toilets. Restaurant Menus: Food that looks like stuff that belongs in a toilet and is actually served in mini toilet bowls.


The Ninja Restaurant (Manhattan, New York) Theme: Ninjas! Food is served by wait staff in ninja garb, who periodically jump out of nooks and crannies to scare you. Apparently ninjas love pranks. Restaurant Menus: Traditional Japanese food and sushi.

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